Backpacking in the Mackenzie Mountains (II)

Day 1

We flew in to a little cabin located in a small lake in the middle of the mountians. The place is just a paradaise.

We met there our two guides, two hunting legends having taken both more than a hundred sheep! I love to hunt with experienced hunters, you always learn new things to become a better hunter.

My dad will be hunting with Alan Klassen.

I will be with Jeremy Hatala.

We spent the rest of the day preparing the packs and all the things that will be with us for the next ten days. Before hunting you need to wait 12 hours after a plane flight, so there is not much to do than relax after three days of travelling.

It was pretty cool to see some bears playing in the lake. I prefer not to play with them though!

Day 2

We left Goober´s Cabin early in the morning and moved forward to a big valley.

We hunted all together, in order to warm up and enjoy hunting together for a few days.

We set up camp close to the river, left all the heavy stuff and started going up a creek to check one of the valleys.

We spent the whole day checking the valley, but we just saw a group of five very small sheep,nothing interesting. It is amazing how vast the land is, and how much land you can control.

We arrived at the camp, had some dinner and after a bit more glassing we went to bed.

Day 3

We had some breakfast and headed again all together to check the next valley.

I love the feeling of discovering new land everyday, that maybe has not been hunted for years. Its exciting!.

We arrived at the end of the valley a little bit past midday. We saw on our way up a group of some small caribou, but nothing worth trying, or.. worth packing!

We had some lunch, a little nap and started going back down to the tents slowly glassing in search of sheep coming out to feed in the afternoon. It looks like they were not hungry, since we didnt see any.

We arrive late to camp and we spot from the tents the two first sheep of the day. Two young rams and another ram that is so far away that we can not tell what it is.

Day 4

Since there was no many sheep in the area we decide to separate in order to have more chances. So we picked the camp and wish each other luck.

Dad went back towards the lake to check the valleys on the other side. Jeremy and I kept going down the main valley checking all the creeks.

We found a really nice bull close to a strip line so we spent most of the morning trying to guess what it was going to do. Caribous are the craziest animals on earth, and they suddenly went up the mountain and our chances vanished.

We kept going down the valley and spot another two very young rams, and a few more caribous.

At the end of the afternoon we set up camp as farther down the valley we can, we need to find sheep as soon as possible to have time to prepare a stalk with the bow.

The story will continue soon. Check for update!

Pedro Ampuero

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