Backpacking in the Mackenzie Mountains (III)

Day 5

We woke up and there was fog everywhere. 

It is useless to get out since we couldnt varely see anything, so we spent most of the day in the tent waiting for the weather to improve.

After lunch the weather improved a little, so we went out of the tent to quickly check one of the closest creeks.

In that creek we spotted a group of rams, but not exactly what we were looking for. It was great to see some rams though! They are one of the most beautiful animals on earth, aren’t they?

We went back to camp, hoping to have a better weather the following day.

Day 6

We packed the full camp with us, and in order to try to cover as much ground as possible, we hunted with it full-time.

We saw a few more caribou bulls,  but our main objective was the sheep, so we kept moving forward.

Shooting a caribou takes you one or two days to pack all the meat to a strip line, and maybe another day if you have to wait for the bush plane to land because of the weather. That can take you three days out of your sheep hunt, and at this stage that was not an option. This caribou pics were taken at just 40 yards..

It was a miserable day, but we saw two groups of ewes and lambs, and two groups of small rams. It look like we were getting closer, and that the rain had made the animals to move.

During the afternoon Mark flew over us to contact via radio to check we were still alive and that everything was going well. It was nice to have some news from Dad and Allen, they were both right but they had not been lucky yet.

Day 7

We woke up and headed to the top of the mountains to try to get to the next main valley.

We got as much water as possible on the last creek just in case we needed to stay on top for a few days. The camp setting was just awesome since we could glass miles and miles around us from it.

We spent the whole day glassing and glassing, and bit more glassing after that.

Although we were covering a lot of land from the top, looking at several valleys we did not see a single animal, no ewes, no rams, no caribous… nothing!

It was quite a frustrating day since we had already covered a lot of ground and we just had two more days left to hunt. We were running out of time.

On the other hand, Dad and Allen made it happen!!. It was awesome, I would have love to be there!

They saw from a long ways a group of rams with at least two shooters. After spending the whole day to get into shooting distance they had to wait for several hours for the rams to stand up to shoot the biggest one.

Dad made a great shot at 270 yards, putting down on its track a gorgeous ram. His face says it all!!.

Effort paid off! 

They still had to pack out the ram and get back to the camp which was miles ago. They actually arrive at camp at dark, which there that takes place after 12:00 pm. It was a long and tough day for everyone, but the reward worth the sacrifice. Proud of my Dad once again, one of the best hunters out there if not the best!

Stay tune for another update soon,

Good luck in the mountains,

Pedro Ampuero

One comment on “Backpacking in the Mackenzie Mountains (III)

  1. Great Pedro!!! congratulations to el JEFE!!!! abrazo

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