Backpacking in the Mackenzie Mountains (I)

Its being a while since my last post and the reason is that I have been out hunting for a few weeks. I know.. it is a good reason!

My father and I flew in early august to a little lake located in the middle of the mackenzie mountians, on the NWT of Canada. About an hour flight to the west of Norman Wells.

We have been hunting for ten days for Dall Sheep and Mountain Caribou.

The bush plane dropped us on a little lake and picked us ten days later miles away, all we need was inside these packs. I am currently processing all the media, and hope to share how these packs ended ten days later soon..

Good luck all in the mountains!

Pedro Ampuero

8 comments on “Backpacking in the Mackenzie Mountains (I)

  1. Maj says:

    my friend… take your time

  2. Anxious to read about it!!!!

  3. ticianomazzetto says:

    Thanks man!!

  4. ticianomazzetto says:

    Yeahh, but I bet your hunt will be really inspiring!!!!!good to focus!!!

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